Attaining Needed Privacy

Three Window Considerations For Commercial Doors

Commercial doors are available in several different materials, but steel and wood are common. While it often makes sense to have your door exclusively feature your preferred material, there are scenarios in which you may want the door to have a window in it. Commercial door suppliers can show you examples of many different doors that feature windows, and one of these styles may be a good fit for your building. Read More 

3 Places To Use Security Doors In Your School

Security doors play a key role in protecting your school. To get maximum security, it's worth looking at external and internal locations that need entryway protection. Read on to find out more about common security door locations and how they make schools safer. 1. Building Entrances Every school should have a robust and protective entrance door system. The doors into your school building are the first point of entry for burglars and people who might harm your children and teachers. Read More 

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Attaining Needed Privacy

When I moved into my current home a few years ago, I was surprised to learn that a door did not exist to close off my master bathroom from my master bedroom. My home was built roughly 20 years ago when split bathroom designs were popular. My vanity is located in an area that is open to my bedroom while the toilet and shower reside in an area that contains a door. To attain needed privacy while brushing my teeth or applying my makeup, I searched for different types of doors. My design choices were endless. On this blog, you will learn how to attain privacy by installing a stylish door in your open bathroom.