Attaining Needed Privacy

Three Window Considerations For Commercial Doors

Commercial doors are available in several different materials, but steel and wood are common. While it often makes sense to have your door exclusively feature your preferred material, there are scenarios in which you may want the door to have a window in it. Commercial door suppliers can show you examples of many different doors that feature windows, and one of these styles may be a good fit for your building. If you're trying to figure out what approach to take with your window, there are several considerations to think about.


One of the first things to think about is how big you want the window to be. It's useful to think about where in the building this door will be situated. For a front door, it often makes sense to have the window on the larger side. This will allow a lot of natural light to enter the building, which can make it feel spacious and welcoming. There can be value in choosing a smaller window in other scenarios. For example, in the case of a rear door, you might be happy with a small window that allows your staff to see who is approaching the door from outside.


There are several position-related considerations to evaluate before you make your final decision about how the window in your commercial door will look. If you're having a small window that has a rectangular shape, you have the option of having it on the door knob side of the door or closer to the hinges. In some scenarios, you might favor having the window run horizontally across the top part of the door. This will allow natural light to come into the building but also make the window difficult for a would-be burglar to attempt to climb through.

Glass Details

It's enjoyable to think about exactly how the window's glass will look. Clear glass is a popular choice, but a frosted finish or a tinted color may also appeal to you. Some people favor decorative metal bars between the two panes of glass. They'll not only add some style but also be effective as a security measure. How the glass looks will often depend on where the door will be and what type of business you have. Frosted is a good option when you don't want people to see through the door before they enter, for example. Discuss these topics with your commercial door supplier.

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Attaining Needed Privacy

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