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3 Places To Use Security Doors In Your School

Security doors play a key role in protecting your school. To get maximum security, it's worth looking at external and internal locations that need entryway protection. Read on to find out more about common security door locations and how they make schools safer.

1. Building Entrances

Every school should have a robust and protective entrance door system. The doors into your school building are the first point of entry for burglars and people who might harm your children and teachers. These doors need to be capable of keeping unauthorized or dangerous people out of your building.

Security entrance doors need to be strong and robust enough to withstand a physical attack. They should also help you control access.

For example, access control systems and automated entry mechanisms work well in school environments. These doors will only open if someone has a code or device that gives them permission to come into the building.

This restricted access model ensures that your employees and children can enter your buildings easily. However, it prevents anyone else from getting access to your site. Your school will be safer and more secure.

2. Designated Safe Spaces

Security doors don't just protect the outside of your school buildings. You can also install doors in internal areas to keep people safe.

For example, many schools are now setting up designated safe places. These are enclosed areas into which children can go if there is an internal threat in the building.

After all, you don't just have to worry about strangers coming into your school. If a child brings a weapon into the building, then your external security doors won't protect you against a shooting incident.

Here, you can create safe places, say in your cafeteria, library, or gymnasium. You drill your children and teachers to go to these areas if there is an internal threat. If you put security doors on these safe places, then you lock down the space and protect anyone in the area until help arrives.

3. High-Value and Hazardous Storage Rooms

Your school might contain valuable equipment that is attractive to thieves. You might also have some hazardous substances on-site in your science labs.

You need to protect your valuables against theft. You also need to make sure that nobody can access dangerous materials or substances.

Security doors are also useful here. If you put a secure door on rooms that hold your IT equipment, then intruders can't access it. A security door in labs or lab storage rooms keeps people away from dangerous chemicals and equipment.

To find out more, contact school security doors suppliers.

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