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Three Reasons To Choose Frameless Glass Shower Doors

A glass shower door offers a stylish, modern style that can be a focal point in your newly remodeled bathroom. When you start to shop for a glass shower door, one decision to make is whether you want a door that has a frame around it or has a frameless design. There are lots of examples of each style on the market. If you favor a frame, you'll see frames in different colors, finishes, and widths. A lot of people favor frameless doors because of the look that they offer. Here are three reasons that you may want a frameless shower door.

Show Off The Shower

If you're putting considerable effort and expense into the shower — for example, installing stylish tiles in a pattern that you find very appealing — you want the shower to be as visible as possible. A frameless glass shower door can be ideal for showing off the shower. If you were to choose a shower door with a thick frame, the frame would partially block your view of the shower when you stand in the main part of the bathroom. Without a frame around the door, you'll have no trouble seeing through the entire piece of glass to enjoy the look of the shower.

Easier To Clean

Frameless shower doors tend to be easier to clean than doors with frames. While cleaning the surface of the glass is the same regardless of what type of door you have, the absence of the frame will save you some time and effort. When a door has a frame, soap residue and even mildew can often sit along the top edge of the frame. If you're the type of person who wants to keep your shower looking as clean as possible, you'd need to spend time scrubbing away this residue. With a frameless door, you won't have this task.

Higher-End Appearance

If you've ever visited luxury hotels, there's a good chance that you've seen frameless shower doors in the bathrooms. While there are several factors that influence the look of a shower door, you'll often find that the frameless style offers a higher-end appearance than a door with a frame. Many people invest heavily in their primary bathroom to give it a stylish look and feel. If you're of this mindset, you may find that the frameless design offers the high-end look that you want. Visit a shower door supplier to browse its selection of frameless doors.  

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