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What To Do When Your Garage Door Stops Working Correctly

Power-operated garage doors are a great convenience when you are coming and going from your home. Being able to open and close the door without getting out of the car can also add a layer of safety to your home, but when the door is not working correctly, you may need to call a garage door repair company to inspect it for you. 

Door Failures

A complete failure of the garage door when you press the button on the remote or in the garage is not common, but it can happen if the power to the opener is disrupted in some way. If this happens, check to see if the door opener is getting power by pressing the door opener button and watch to see if the light on the opener comes on. If the light is not working, you may not be getting power to the opener, or there could be an issue inside the case. 

Check the electrical panel for a tripped breaker next, and if that does not remedy the problem, you need to get a garage door repair tech to check the opener. The technician will check the power at the plug on the ceiling to see if there is electricity there first, and if there is, they will need to inspect the opener more closely.

More often than not, a garage door opener that suddenly stops working needs replacing with a new unit. If you need to replace your opener, newer, belt-driven garage door openers are available that are extremely quiet. Ask the garage door repair tech if they recommend a model or brand, and they can go over the options that will work well with your door.

Binding And Shaking

Another common issue you may see with your garage door, especially if it is an older door and opener, is shaking, banging, and rattling as it opens and closes. Sometimes the door will bind in the track if it is out of adjustment and cause the shaking you are seeing. 

The solution is to have a garage door repair tech adjust the door and check all the components for wear or damage. Many times, the bearings in the rollers start to stick as they wear, but the technician can replace the old parts on most older doors, so the door works like new again. 

Replacing the old worn parts can also help quiet the door as it moves through the track, and after the repairs are complete, ask the tech to go over any maintenance you can do to keep the door working smoothly going forward. 

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