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Automated Doors Acting Up? Why You Need To Have Them Repaired

Automatic doors can be a huge bonus when you own a business. Some people have disabilities that make it impossible for them to grab a door and pull it while other folks may have their hands full of bags and simply appreciate being able to breeze through the entryway without missing a beat. Keeping your automatic doors in excellent condition is important and if you start noticing that the doors don't operate quite the way they used to here are a few compelling reasons why you must have them repaired right away.

Broken Doors Could Be A Liability Issue

When automatic doors work properly they open and shut based on whether or not a person is approaching. As each individual approaches, a sensor picks up the movement and releases a spring so that the doors can fly open on command.

However, if the sensor is no longer functional you might see people standing just outside the doors, frantically waving their hands as they try to activate the sensor or get the attention of someone inside the building who can pry the doors open. The situation gets even worse if the doors start to close before a visitor has actually walked all the way through them. What if someone is seriously injured because the doors happened to shut just as they were passing through? This could end in a liability nightmare that might be severe enough to completely end your business venture.

The moment you catch your automatic doors acting wonky it's time to call up a repair service like DOORS FIXED RIGHT, INC. Let them do a thorough inspection to find out which part of the automatic system is faulty so they can get it patched up immediately.

Your Doors Make The First Impression

When a potential customer is visiting your facility for the first time you need to make a good impression. Some patrons are quite picky and start judging the quality of a business from the very second they pull up into the parking lot. If they walk up to your automatic doors and they don't open right away this could leave a negative impression that you may not be able to overcome.

Automatic doors provide your business with a convenient entryway that you want to protect at all costs. Keep a close eye on your doors and if they ever start to give you trouble let a qualified repair professional whip them back into shape.

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