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Want To Give Your Kitchen A Summer Makeover? Start With Specialty Doors And Windows

If you have not updated your kitchen in some time, summer is a great time to do it. One thing you can do to make it look extra special is to use specialty doors and windows. To do this the right way, you should hire a specialty builder to do this for you. They have the special tools needed to do the job right. Below is some information about this that you should find helpful.

Specialty Exterior French Door

If you have doors in your kitchen, such as doors that lead to a backyard patio or a plain door that leads to the outside, you can change them out with specialty doors to make a big difference.

French doors are a good choice for your kitchen. These doors are known as doors with windows and can feature multiple small windows on the full length of the door. You can also choose a French door that is made of full glass from top to bottom. Because these are exterior doors, you should ask the builder to use double-pane glass to provide you with more insulation.

You can install French doors that swing outward, swing inward, or slide open and close. You do have to take into consideration that these doors do not offer much privacy because they have so much glass.

Specialty Windows

Replacing boring windows with specialty windows can make a huge difference. Specialty windows are generally odd shaped, which is why you should hire a professional window installer to install them for you. Some different shapes you can choose from include:

  • Angled pentagon
  • Unequal hexagon
  • Extended raised eyebrow
  • Circle
  • Extended reverse eyebrow
  • Gothic

What you choose depends on what will work well with the type of kitchen you have.

Specialty Window Frames Material

You also have to consider the material the windows are made of. Some choices you will find in frame materials include:

  • Wood: Provides warmth and natural beauty. Can be stained to protect the wood. Does not hold up well in rain and sun, however.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl frames are UV resistant and can provide insulation, as they trap air. The only maintenance that has to be done is cleaning the frames, as well as checking seals. Likely more affordable when compared to wood framing.
  • Fiberglass: Low maintenance and adds curb appeal to your home. You can easily match them to your home's architectural style.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum frames are durable and lightweight. They have a narrow frame so they provide more focus on the glass.

For more information, contact REFCO or a similar company.

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Attaining Needed Privacy

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